Ultimate Escape

A Merry Band Of Sea Ray Travelers Experience Bahamian Bliss At The Atlantis Paradise Island Resort. There’s vacation, and then there’s VACATION. Full stop. All caps. Superlative in every conceivable way. This summer, the Sea Ray Owner’s Club hosted a getaway that was, by all counts, the capitalized kind: BahamaFest 2012. This four-day, three-night extravaganza was held [...]

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Group Dynamic

Sea Ray’s Passel Of New Sundecks Offers Power Choices To Keep You And Yours Plugged In And Pleased. There’s romance in the notion of the lonely mariner taking on the elements solo. The Old Man and the Sea. The Around Alone race. A patient angler with just his cooler and bait. Romance? Perhaps. Fun? [...]

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Lucky Dogs

A Missouri Couple With A Soft Spot For Great Danes Takes Their Pack Of Colossal Canines Aboard Their Sea Ray Sundeck. When Grayson and Stella Lee board their Sea Ray 240 Sundeck they head straight for the lounges. They stretch their nearly 7-foot bulks across the generous seating and soak up the sun, taking the occasional [...]

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