SLX: Orchestrated Excellence

Sea Ray Calibrates These Luxury Sport Boats To Delight On All Levels, Through Innovations That Instill Pride And Design Choices That Ensure Comfort And Confidence.

As a builder of premier boats, Sea Ray could hardly pick a better true north than “Excellence.” And when the company decided to reinvent and relaunch its SLX line of premium sport boats that was exactly the heading. Which begs the question, what is excellence? Where does it come from, and what purpose does it serve?

For Sea Ray, excellence is a product of intention, a culmination of the right choices made for the right reasons. It is the result of ambition, insight, diligence and artistry equally applied. For a boat to be truly excellent, it must do more than merely satisfy. It must delight on all levels, and simultaneously. Performance, convenience, innovation, ease—with SLX, Sea Ray has calibrated these qualities for maximum impact, producing a line of luxury sport boats unlike any other.

But the truth is, reinventing a new standard in sport boating doesn’t start by focusing on boats, per se. It doesn’t start by saying, “hey, we could smooth this edge” or “let’s add this component.” It starts by thinking about how a boat is experienced. Or more specifically, with a question: “What kind of experience do we want our owners to have?”

If you want owners to feel a sense of control, you perfect attributes like power transfer, hull dynamics and a user interface that informs and empowers the captain. If you want them to feel comfortable, you enhance ergonomics, seating and all-day accommodations like premium heads and wet bars. To help them feel proud to own their boat, you refine its aesthetics and include Next Wave technologies that provide cutting-edge capabilities. To maximize joy, you concentrate on features that support social dynamics and interaction with nature. And to wrap it all up, you ensure their confidence with the industry’s best warranty and the support of the best dealers.

This is the approach Sea Ray has taken to develop and relaunch SLX lineup. To maximize all these feelings—control, comfort, pride, joy and confidence—Sea Ray has orchestrated a system of systems that seamlessly addresses all of them. An excellent boat must be excellent in each of its aspects, and even more so in whole. From 23 to 35 feet, Sea Ray has created a family of thoughtfully composed boats that deliver a beautiful and coherent ownership experience.

“SLX is a collection of sport boats like no other,” explains Sea Ray President Tim Schiek. “Every attribute that we perfected, every detail that we got just right, was with an eye for the complete experience. Our goal was to design beautiful boats that are fantastically comfortable as they astound you with their performance. Plus, they provide complete peace of mind with their quality and peerless warranty. The SLX experience is all of these things working in concert, and it must be experienced in person to be fully appreciated.”

So about that experience. Walking up the dock, the first thing you take in are the lines of the new SLX models. These are serious boats, with heft, presence and elegance, but there is an appreciable impatience here too, as they strain at their lines, ready to leap on plane and rip across the surface. Those lines are edgy and athletic, fierce bone structure and strong musculature, but dressed to impress in supple upholstery, tasteful bling and visionary technology. SLX makes a statement about how you see the world, and affects how the world sees you.

Step aboard and your appreciation for SLX’s aesthetics deepens. The ergonomics invite long, leisurely days with friends and family, relaxing comfortably on sculpted multi-density foam seats. Premium wet bars—with available electric grill and under-seat refrigerator options—keep appetites sated, while beautifully finished heads provide added comfort.

On a sport boat of this caliber, there’s no avoiding the pull of the helm and its user-friendly interface. Sea Ray’s brilliant new touchscreen Dynamic Display, standard on the 310 SLX and available on most models, provides fingertip control of many of the boat’s systems while upping the “high-tech cool” factor. Precise placement of all controls—including further empowerment by Mercury’s Digital Throttle & Shift, and available Smart Tow and, on twin-engine models, Axius joystick control—and the inviting over-built helm chair excites your impatience to match SLX’s. For all the comforts and amenities offered your guests, a quick burst of throttle makes it clear that this is a driver’s boat. The Grip 6 hull hugs every curve, keeping firm hold in the tightest turns. Chop is easily tamed and re-entry in heavier seas is gentle as you go.

But the SLX models are ideally suited for idyll, as well. With the ignition switched off and the party turned on, SLX delivers another kind of excellence. The happiness you and your crew feel is no accident. Settling into the bow, cooling off in the cockpit beneath the hardtop’s extended shade, easing into the comforts of the transom loungers or using the Submersible Hydraulic Swim Platform as your personal beach, you realize you are experiencing joy without limits on a boat without limits. Because if anything should be unrestrained, it is the happiness you enjoy with family and friends in the wonders of the great outdoors.

With life so good, it might be natural to worry about what could go wrong. But Sea Ray has taken care of that, too, with the industry-best SURPA5S 5-year factory warranty covering you from bow to stern, and Mercury® providing additional coverage on your power train. Sea Ray’s dealers are also consistently rated as delivering better customer satisfaction than those of every other marine manufacturer. Peace of mind is one more feature of these boats that works in tandem with the rest to deliver an incredible overall experience. It truly is orchestrated excellence.

“In the new SLX, we’ve composed a work of true greatness,” Schiek says. “It is both refined and powerful, fantastic piece by piece and in whole. It’s a product of ambition, talent, passion and countless hours of precise, careful craftsmanship. And all orchestrated for maximum impact. SLX inspires confidence, ensures comfort, boosts pride and maximizes joy. You have to experience it.”


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