#SeaRaySummer “Your Boat Name”

The winner for our second theme “Your Boat Name” is the Sauters with their 460 Sundancer “DunMowin II.” Haley Sauter and her family have been boating on Lake Cumberland in Southern Kentucky her whole life. “My parents have been boating together since they were just dating, so my older sister and I were basically born on the water. Boating is something that all four of us have enjoyed together since my sister and I were babies. In fact, some of my first and best memories are of spending summer days on our 230 Cuddy Cabin. Every single weekend my family drives 125 miles from Louisville to Lake Cumberland to use our 460 Sundancer. Very rarely do we skip a weekend, even during the winter months! On average, we will put anywhere from 150-200 hours on our boat each year,” Haley said.

The Sauter family owned both of the boats in the picture at some point in time. “Both of the boats in the photo have been owned by my father, Steve Sauter. The one on the left is a 1988 230 Cuddy Cabin. The one on right is a 2000 460 Sundancer. We owned the 230 for about 20 years and recently sold it to a family friend. We have owned the 460 for 6 years,” said Haley. The 230 Cuddy Cabin was the first Sea Ray Sauter family ever owned. “We loved it so much that we knew our next boat would be a Sea Ray, as well. After more than 25 years of being Sea Ray owners, I do not think we will ever own another brand of boat after the wonderful experiences that we have had with these two Sea Rays,” Haley remarked.

“We love both Sea Rays that we have owned for many reasons! They have been very dependable boats and are made with top quality products and equipment. Our 1988 230 Cuddy Cabin is still running around the lake until this very day. The design of these boats is unparalleled. Every inch of space has a purpose and function, but is still very roomy and comfortable. You really cannot beat a Sea Ray!,” said Haley.

When asked how they decided on the name of the boats, Haley said, “My father has owned a local landscaping company in Louisville, KY for 40 years. He had always dreamed of naming a boat Dunmowin’, because when he was done mowing at work, he wanted to be boating. When he purchased the 230 Cuddy Cabin he hired a woman to hand-paint that name across the back just as he had always wanted. Our boat name became very well-known at our lake, so when we bought our 460 Sundancer we had to name it Dunmowin’ II.”

Congratulations to the Sauter family!





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