Life Of The Party

Sun Country Marine Hosts An Epic Sea Ray Summer Bash, Headlined By Two Gorgeous L-Class Yachts.

Imagine the recipe for a perfect summer party. Start with a breathtaking location—let’s say the Peckham Estate, a $13 million property listed by Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices in Point Loma, California, overlooking San Diego Bay. Add in a few additional “wow” factors, like two head-turning luxury sports cars from Aston Martin San Diego. Of course you’ll need refreshments; how about a full spread of decadent hors d’oeuvres, colorful cocktails featuring organic St. Petersburg Vodka, craft beers from popular local brewery Karl Strauss, and glasses of sparkling Champagne Thiénot?

Then, add in a glamorous guest list of 135 attendees with a deep appreciation for fine food, fine cocktails and superior boating, many of whom represented the top tech, wealth management and real estate companies in the country. Round things out with clear-blue skies, pleasantly warm temperatures and a gentle Pacific breeze. Finally, top it all off with not one but two exquisite Sea Ray L-Class yachts docked just past the edge of the lawn, beckoning guests into their palatial salons.

Such was the formula this August during Sun Country Marine’s summer L-Class gala, an unforgettable event during which not a single detail was left to chance. The group asked questions, enjoyed tours and chatted with fellow yachting enthusiasts as they drifted between the palatial estate and its private dock and back.

But as they say, a picture’s worth a thousand words, so you don’t have to imagine such a bash; instead, enjoy the slideshow above, and stay tuned for announcements about future L-Class events right here on Sea Ray Life.

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