From China, With Love

The Yu Family Moved To British Columbia From China And Found A Whole Community At The Ready.

“Owning our boat has made it easy to make friends here,” says James Yu, who recently moved with his wife, June, and children, Jennifer (9) and James (4), from Qingdao, China, to Vancouver, British Columbia. “It’s a great reason to invite people over. Our Chinese friends and our new Canadian friends all love to see the boat and go out cruising with us.”

The Yu family members with their 310 Sundancer.

When the Yus arrived in Canada, they already knew they wanted to purchase a shoreline home with a private dock for the specific purpose of boat ownership. “In Qingdao we could live on the ocean, but never fully enjoy the ocean. It’s inaccessible. And very, very expensive to own a boat,” June explains. “And even if you can afford it, there is no place to keep one.” She says Qingdao has very few public marinas. It’s also nearly impossible to keep a boat at your own property. So you can imagine the Yus’ delight in purchasing their beautiful home on the Indian Arm inlet, with its massive views and deep, clear, sheltered water. And yes, an expansive dock, just waiting for the right boat.

While they had a dream of enjoying life on the water, when the Yus started their quest, they knew virtually nothing about boats. After some research and several days at the Vancouver Boat Show, James and June agreed it was the Sea Ray lineup that stood out. “We compared brands,” June recalls, “and found the Sea Rays were of the highest quality, and very modern-looking.”

James was soon captaining the 310 with confidence

After being introduced by friends to the local dealer, M&P Mercury, the Yus set about narrowing their options. “First thing, we were worried about how we would handle a boat, having never driven one before,” James says. “But we didn’t want something that was too small.” The 310 Sundancer seemed a perfect choice. It was a boat they could grow into, with plenty of room for the kids to play and comfortable seating areas to entertain friends.

With lots of encouragement and training from their dealer, James was soon captaining the 310 with confidence— including driving the family over to the Gulf Islands for dealer-sponsored Getaways. “Our favorite time so far was attending the dealer party in Poets Cove,” June says. “We loved the parties and playing all the games. There were lots of other families there, and everyone was so friendly.”

The Yus are grateful for their new lifestyle in Canada. “There are so many wonderful things here in Vancouver,” June says. “The kids are getting a great education, we own our own home and we can truly enjoy the water.” And best of all, the Yus just keeping making more friends to enjoy it with.

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