Quiet Sounds Sweet

Six Friends Put The SLX 250 Through Its Paces And Discover The Audible Joys Of Quiet Ride. Everyone takes notice of our sleek SLX 250 as we pull into the marina parking lot at Lake Silverwood, a high-desert reservoir tucked in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California. Even the park ranger makes a comment about [...]

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Let The Outside In

The All-New 470 Sundancer Represents The Next Generation Of Ease, Comfort And Sociability. When Sea Ray popularized express-style boats with the launch of the first Sundancers, no one knew that they would come to completely dominate the cruiser market. Sundancers greatly increased the outdoor aspect of boating in this category, bringing the nature-embracing ethos [...]

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SLX: Orchestrated Excellence

Sea Ray Calibrates These Luxury Sport Boats To Delight On All Levels, Through Innovations That Instill Pride And Design Choices That Ensure Comfort And Confidence. As a builder of premier boats, Sea Ray could hardly pick a better true north than “Excellence.” And when the company decided to reinvent and relaunch its SLX line of premium [...]

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From One Boater To Another

Hurley Marine Started With One Passionate Boater Using His Know-How To Solve Boating Problems. The greatest innovations often come from the field, when the inventor finds inspiration to fix a problem while interacting with his surroundings. Which is exactly what happened to longtime Sea Ray owner Todd Hurley more than a decade ago, after a [...]

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Natural Wonder

The Sundancer 320 Will Open Your Mind To A New Kind Of Boating, Reimagining The Balance Of Indoor And Outdoor Space. A boat’s fundamental purpose is to empower you to enjoy the outdoors: the sun, the water, the breeze, and the awesome views of a shoreline or a skyline that can only be obtained [...]

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More Power To You

The Ever-Expanding Sea Ray Sundeck Line Now Comes With More Models, More Functionality And More Power Options. Despite what you may have heard, less is not more. It may be a cute phrase, but the obvious truth is: more is more. We don’t want fewer choices. We don’t want our decisions made for us. [...]

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Get A Grip

When It Comes To Balancing The Forces That Determine Performance, Sea Ray’s Engineers Apply Sophisticated Solutions To Ensure An Ideal Ride. Speak to a naval architect like Sea Ray’s Fred Herrington, and you’ll learn a new language for discussing boat hulls. Fred leads the team that developed Sea Ray’s fantastic-riding Grip 6 and Grip [...]

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The Sea Ray Design Studio

Sea Ray's Design Team Channels The Power Of Space To Fuel The Creative Process. Sea Ray has a persuasive heritage of industry-leading design, providing an emotional connection to consumer aspirations and dreams, while also setting the pace for the marine industry. Creativity (and its sister, innovation)—truly a competitive edge sought by companies globally—is often [...]

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