From China, With Love

The Yu Family Moved To British Columbia From China And Found A Whole Community At The Ready. “Owning our boat has made it easy to make friends here,” says James Yu, who recently moved with his wife, June, and children, Jennifer (9) and James (4), from Qingdao, China, to Vancouver, British Columbia. “It’s a [...]

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Every Waking Moment

A Busy Family Finds Time To Slow Down On Alabama’s Lake Martin With A Little Encouragement From Their 270 SLX Life is full of a million little choices. Busy families, with only so much time in a day, are all too familiar with the process: Do we eat dinner before soccer practice? Can you [...]

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Coming Home

Platinum-Selling Singer-Songwriter Bryan White Finds Musical Inspiration While Connecting With His Family On Their Sea Ray. Sometimes home doesn’t have anything to do with the house we live in. It is more often about a feeling, isn’t it? A space in which we feel most comfortable, understood and at peace. Or maybe it’s the [...]

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American Dream

Lifelong Friends Merged Their Drinkware Business With Their Passion For Boating, And The Result Is A Cause For Celebration The scene unfolding in the backyard of this waterfront home in Madison, Wisconsin, couldn’t be more American if the president himself stopped by to hand-deliver a perfectly baked apple pie. An American flag whips back [...]

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All Aboard

A Sea Ray 270 Sundeck Encourages Family Togetherness In Grand Junction, Colorado From an observer’s point of view, a Sea Ray is loaded with impressive details, from breakthroughs in navigation and propulsion technology, to design considerations that push the envelope for comfort and style. Turns out an owner’s perspective takes these observations and doubles [...]

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Abu Dhabi

Two Fun-Seeking Boaters Use Their Sea Ray To Explore A Glittering Middle Eastern Playground. The city is the ultimate Cinderella story. In the late 1950s, the massive discovery of offshore oil reserves transformed the capital of the United Arab Emirates into a luxury boomtown. Today, the prosperity brought by rising oil prices is most [...]

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World-Class City

Vancouver Shines As A Place With Something For Everyone — Including These Adventure-Seeking Sea Ray L650 Owners. Vancouver frequently ranks among the top 10 best places in the world to live. The Economist, for example, ranked it third in 2016. Vancouverites don’t need rankings, however, to know just how great their city is. They can [...]

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