Abu Dhabi

Two Fun-Seeking Boaters Use Their Sea Ray To Explore A Glittering Middle Eastern Playground. The city is the ultimate Cinderella story. In the late 1950s, the massive discovery of offshore oil reserves transformed the capital of the United Arab Emirates into a luxury boomtown. Today, the prosperity brought by rising oil prices is most [...]

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World-Class City

Vancouver Shines As A Place With Something For Everyone — Including These Adventure-Seeking Sea Ray L650 Owners. Vancouver frequently ranks among the top 10 best places in the world to live. The Economist, for example, ranked it third in 2016. Vancouverites don’t need rankings, however, to know just how great their city is. They can [...]

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Ultimate Escape

A Merry Band Of Sea Ray Travelers Experience Bahamian Bliss At The Atlantis Paradise Island Resort. There’s vacation, and then there’s VACATION. Full stop. All caps. Superlative in every conceivable way. This summer, the Sea Ray Owner’s Club hosted a getaway that was, by all counts, the capitalized kind: BahamaFest 2012. This four-day, three-night extravaganza was held [...]

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Destination: The Bahamas

Sea Ray Explores Bahamian Paradise By Way Of An L650 Fly. Throughout history, the idyllic islands of The Bahamas have been prized by everyone from Blackbeard to Christopher Columbus to the British Crown. It’s not hard to see why these shores have charmed so many. From the Crystal-clear water to sugar-white sand, the natural [...]

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Southern Sojourn

A Sea Ray Sundancer Owner Turns His Passion For Fresh Seafood Into A Delicious Dream-Come-True. Tony Phelan, a.k.a. “Texas Tony,” is the kind of guy you just can’t help but like. He offers a hearty welcome when he has the pleasure of meeting customers who’ve come to one of his many Pinchers Crab Shack [...]

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New Orleans By Sundancer

A Group Of Sea Ray Owners Living Along A Secluded Louisiana Bayou Are United By A Common Ambition: Living The Good Life. The notion of waterfront living in the swamps of southeastern Louisiana conjures images of rustic Cajun cabins and modest pirogues carved from ancient cypress. Here, though, along a diversion canal that links [...]

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Horsing Around

How Better To Arrive At The "Super Bowl Of Horse Shows" Than On A Sea Ray Sport Cruiser? It was definitely not a day like any other day for the Kehlenbachs of Old Saybrook, Connecticut. Any other day they’d be out on their beloved 340 Sundancer, enjoying an afternoon docked near the quaint village of [...]

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